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6/9/2014 • 0 notes

one bag basically packed, two to go. I leave in three days.

5/9/2014 • 2 notes
tags: #Captain America #Red Skull

my mom: “is he killable, that red guy? I’m guessing since there’s another captain america movie and not another red guy movie that he is. sorry to make it so simple, it’s just logic”


person: are you over bucky barnes yet





that girl you saw crying today? she was crying over bucky barnes.

my mom, on the Red Skull: “he looks like Jim Carrey in that movie”

5/9/2014 • 1 note
tags: #fuck #Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes actually wants to make me cry

I probably would be crying right now if I wasn’t with my family

5/9/2014 • 0 notes

my family is watching Cap 1 and every time Bucky is on screen I only look at him because I apparently just want to hurt all the time forever

5/9/2014 • 1 note


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4/9/2014 • 0 notes

Mundy Fund(a)y!! I’m so happy.

Mundy Fund(a)y!! I’m so happy.

2/9/2014 • 5 notes
tags: #ugh #Pushing Daisies

just finished pushing daisies

I NEED MORE life is awful why are there so few episodes