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Ke$ha | Timber (2014 Solo Version)


artist: Ke$ha
song: Timber (2014 Solo Version)
album: Timber (2014 Solo Version) - Single

1/9/2014 • 0 notes

Throwback to that time my dad stole a napkin from Galatoire’s.

Throwback to that time my dad stole a napkin from Galatoire’s.

1/9/2014 • 2 notes

I have my plane tickets to go to Wales xoxo

but what about sirius and james going to the muggle cinemas during easter holidays in 1975 and seeing the film Tommy and not understanding it at all (because it makes no sense) but sirius thinks it’s the coolest shit ever (but asks remus who Marilyn Monroe is and why the muggles worship her)



I did a test pack and you’d be amazed by how much I managed to fit into the suitcase

not enough though

thankfully my mom got me a huuuuge suitcase at tj maxx so I’ll prob use that

also I got a winter raincoat that I can fit sweaters under and a vest that was on super-sale at the columbia outlet

my cousin’s first game as part of the LSU band is today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent like two hours looking at homes on and now I believe even more firmly than I did before that I really need to become rich either through luck or marriage or both

28/8/2014 • 0 notes
tags: #alas #I cannot

my alma mater (hahahahahahaha why did I just say that) is doing assassins this year and it’s going to be a hot mess

consequently, I really wish I could see it

28/8/2014 • 1 note

also I just found out that the place that I spent a lot of my summers as a kid is for sale and I can’t emotionally handle that right now

I need $2.2m stat